Tulip Nano

Taking Fat Transfer to the smallest level

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ION MAGNUM has a positive effect on the whole body. This advanced technology has been developed at the University of London.

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ADVATx is the most advanced permanent laser in the world used for effective treatment of vascular abnormalities, acne, scars, warts and wrinkles.

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O Nas


Stellio Aesthetic is a rapidly growing company that focuses on innovative products and are characterized by the highest quality.

We follow the latest and best global trends and solutions in the field of aesthetic medicine.

We cooperate with carefully selected and tested manufacturers so that our preparations and equipment meet the high demands of our customers.

To ensure high standard of treatments we offer a wide range of training both domestic and foreign.

With the acquired knowledge and skills and passion we achieve very good results and are successful.

Our business partners can rely on us, because in the first place we put honesty and loyalty in achieving commitments.


Concerned about the welfare of customers are introducing to the Polish market the highest quality products from reliable manufacturers. Our products have the necessary certificates.


In the first place we put the safety of patients, which is why our products are tested and have the necessary certificates and our partners have undergone professional training.


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