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ION Magnum

Ion Magnum

ION MAGNUM technology was developed at the University of London by the co-founder of the world's first pacemaker, Dr. Gerry Pollock.

The signal coming out of the IM device is synchronized with the rhythm of biological processes and reaches the brain through the spinal cord. The answer is full, quick muscle contraction without the need to move, without side effects in the form of fatigue and pain. However, this contraction supports the secretion of hormones and improves metabolic processes in the body.

How the body behaves during the ION MAGNUM procedure

1. The device resonates the course of nerve signals about physical exertion.

2. The impulse from the device reaches the motor nerve.

3. The signal is spread via the nervous system.

4. The motor nerves stimulate the entire muscular system.

5. Information about physical effort reaches the brain.

6. The pituitary releases HGH and TSH.

7. TSH stimulates the thyroid to release T4.

8. T4 is converted into T3.

9. Increased metabolic processes that increase fat burning and provide a source of energy for muscle building.


Ion Magnum is a breakthrough technology:

It shapes the figure without surgical intervention, the procedure is virtually painless and very safe.
It has an FDA certificate which means it is extremely safe.
Results visible after the first treatment.
Immediate face lifting effect without complications (without edema, hematoma and redness).
Face lift

All examined patients showed a marked improvement in the appearance of the face after the treatment (reduction of wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and smoothness, narrowing of pores, lightening of discolorations, decreased discoloration of discolorations, reduction of swelling under the eyes, cheek and eyebrows raised, nasolabial folds and marionettes) .
There was a high degree of patient satisfaction with the effects of a non-invasive procedure performed with the Ion Magnum device.
Immediate lifting effect without any side effects, type
There was a high degree of patient satisfaction with edema, hematoma and redness.
Body lift

In all of the patients examined, there was a reduction in body fat and increased muscle mass.
Despite the reduction of the circumferences, the skin is firm, tense and elastic.
All patients have improved general body condition (similar to regular exercise) and improved well-being.

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MRI showed a decrease in visceral fat (before 159.88 cm2 after 76.9 cm2).
MRI showed a decrease in subcutaneous fat (before 252.23 cm2 after 176.3 cm2).
MRI showed an increase in muscle mass (before 133.7 cm2 after 201.73 cm2).
There was a significant decrease in triglycerides in adipose tissue (before 2.87 nmol / L at 1.11 nmol / L).
Ion Magnum is the only technology confirmed by research that reduces visceral fat.
The body rejects all stimulus signals that are not compatible with CNS. Only signals compatible with the CNS reach the brain, acting as a neuromuscular signal produced during a large physical effort.
The brain secretes hormones: (T4, T3, GF, IGF-1, DHEA, Testosterone), which cause lipolysis (T4, T3), building muscle mass (IGF-1, GF), strengthen the immune system, increase bone density and increase collagen (DHEA, Testosterone).
ION MAGNUM has a positive effect on the whole body

Ion Magnum is an advanced technology that quickly burns fat and shapes the shape of the figure without surgical intervention.

It provides the benefits of intensive, professional training without the pain, physical effort or inconvenience of conventional exercise.

The results are visible after the first treatment.

Ion Magnum treatments are a safe and effective alternative

for other methods used in aesthetic medicine.

Additional benefits
Significant increase in IGF-1 and free T3 (T3 against 120 pg / dl at 620 pg / dl).

Significant increase in DHEA (before 10.7 nmol / L after 16.85 nmol / L).

DHEA increases bone and collagen density.

Testosterone concentration.


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